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noop LIFE

You never fail until you stop trying!

We all live under the same stars, under the glass dome of society, we face our challenges each and every day. We fail sometimes, we learn and we have the will to get up again– that’s what life is all about*. #noop LIFE
The theme might not be elegant, but it´s real like a noop, a true legend of everyday life.

The first series noop LIFE is a collection of 1.000 unique noops on the Cardano Blockchain. And that is just the beginning. We want to shape the future of noop together with our community to create something for all of us.

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Without the dark we never see the stars.


  • Website / Twitter / Discord
  • Invite the noop family
  • Marketing & Giveaways
  • Finalization noop life series
  • Establishment of the noop community fund
  • Have fun as community

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No life changing advice*